Exceptional Parties

Asians around the world love nothing better than to party!  They enjoy the most glittering galas, dazzling dances and fun packed fiestas.  No matter what the occasion or location, a Maia party will set the hosts apart from their friends and family and will have guests talking about it for many months afterwards.

Andy and Ungelie and The AC have created truly fantastic events all over the world for over 33 years and our clients can rest assured of excellence in all areas.

The food will be designed by “The Two Andy’s” Andy Varma (Maia) and Andy Ritchie (AC) and can bring Anglo/Asian fusion to ensure that menus are always unique.

Due to The AC’s incredible relationships with the best venues in London, clients of Maia have a multitude of iconic buildings, museums, royal palaces and castles available that are not available to most other caterers.

Fantastic entertainment is a given at Maia parties.  It may be a dramatic fire-eater or dazzling troop of folk dancers or the soothing music of a sitar or tabla musician. The dramatic ensemble of a brass band or a Bollywood number being performed will add charm and fun to your party. Or perhaps an enchanting snake charmer or herd of elephants to transport honoured guests or bridal party.  Ungelie and Andy’s list of fabulous acts and artists is vast, so let them help you think of something unexpected and spectacular to entertain your guests and make your Maia party stand out from the crowd.

If it is possible, Maia will make it happen. They have even travelled to the streets of Delhi to bring a Paan seller from his corner stall to serve wedding guests in London.

Waiters, Waitresses, Butlers and Bar Tenders

No matter how well the party is planned, how beautiful the host or wedding party and delicious the food, no party can reach perfection without discrete and efficient service.  Guests should always feel pampered and well looked after, never hungry or thirsty and always well informed about what they are eating, drinking and understand what is happening during the party. Our staff ensure all these things happen without them even knowing it and have a reputation for providing world leading service in a ‘visibly invisible’ style. A plate put down simply disappears, an empty glasses discretely re-filled and questions about food and drink answered swiftly and accurately.

Our international and Asian staff are always immaculately dressed in costumes befitting the party. It can be classic white or black tunics, with buttons to match any colour scheme or beautiful traditional attire. To add the ultimate luxurious touch, a team of British butlers could serve your guests. Just ask and we will make it happen.

Our wine waiters, barmen and mixologists are very well experienced in making and serving delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and we can arrange for specialist flare bar staff if you should require some extra pazzaz to wow each member of your party.

Maia by The AC, 5 Camberwell Trading Estate, Denmark Road, London SE5 9LB

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