The Outstanding Indian Food of Maia by The AC

The catering at an Asian wedding is one of the most important elements, particularly for honoured guests.  They grasp the opportunity to use all their senses to feast upon the foods served. A client told us, ‘Food at Indian weddings is always the same and not of high enough quality. We want something different. That’s why we came to you. The food at the Maia launch was outstanding.  Our family and friends will love it.’

Andy Varma is Maia’s Executive Chef for Asian cuisine and will design the perfect menu for each individual party. There are endless possibilities for perfection in the Asian/European fusion dishes created by Andy Varma together with The AC’s Executive Head Chef Andy Ritchie.  Delicious menus will be specifically designed to suit each wedding or party and will incorporate the highest quality catering available.

Event budgets vary hugely and we pride ourselves on our flexibility in meeting these. Simply tell us what you would like and we will design the menus to suit your requirements from the most lavish international celebration to a quiet dinner for a select group.


Mouth watering canapés are served to guests by our staff on beautifully elegant canapé trays. These can be tailored to your style and or course will be specific to your guest’s tastes and dietary requirements. Preparing delicious chaats, live dosas and Lebanese cuisine for a mehendi lunch, followed by Japanese, Thai and Chinese with a live sushi bar for a Sangeet dinner is easy for our experienced Chefs.

Chef Andy understands regionality in the Asian cuisine context. From the streets of Punjab to the Palaces of Mewar, bespoke Indian cuisine with authenticity in the flavours of the dishes will be provided.

For example, for a southern-Indian wedding. authentic dishes from Punjab, such as Amritsari kulche te chole, to the famous Patiala chaap (lamb chips) are perfect with freshly baked butter naan and ma di daal, or fiery chettinad chicken with Kerela prawn curry and lemon rice and sambhar are perfect. Whatever the region or style, our chefs are brimming over with ideas and the skills to create something stunning and unique each time.


Fine dining is the norm for  Maia events and we can provide any style or work with any theme, with our Executive Chefs creating the perfect menu. You may choose something like Seared sea bass, fresh coconut, Kerelan spices, mange tout, pea shoots and siso cress, tamarind and curry leaves or perhaps Quail lacquered with apricot, saffron and bay, lentil khichari rice, onions, cumin, spinach, turmeric and Kadhi spiced yogurt.

Street food carts and buffets are often popular when guest numbers are high and they love to be tempted by a delicious display of foods with amazing textures, flavours and fragrances.  Our pani puri or gol guppa cart, serving whole-wheat water-balls with spicy coriander flavoured tamarind water is very popular, as is our Tandoori Kebab Cart, with its smoked tiger prawns, lamb chops, reshmi murg kebab, tandoori paneer. Why not add a live paan stand with supari and churan?

Puddings and Sweets

“Abhi to party shuru hui hai……..”! – “The party has just begun”.  Maia pudding and sweet buffets are something to behold.  Totally opulent with sweet scented delicacies piled high on beautiful platters for guest to feast their eyes upon as well as feast upon. If you would rather select a delicate plated dessert, we can design the perfect confections and present them on plates made for individual clients by famous UK china manufacturers in England.

Wines, Spirits, Champagnes, Cocktails and Delicious Non-Alcoholic Beverages

No party is complete without something cool, delicious and refreshing to accompany the perfect menu. Our mixologists and cellar master has an astounding array of hand-selected beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic to delight all tastes and requirements.  The AC have selected a delicious, crisp Champaign that carries it’s own brand name that astonishes most clients in blind tastings, often winning hands down over many other exclusive brands. However, if you would prefer to serve Möet & Chandon, Dom Perignon or Krug etc, we can of course supply them.

Our cocktails are the rocket fuel of a party and will make the party take off with a roar.  Our bar staff and mixologists have spent years honing their skills, stirring, shaking and muddling the cocktails that are pure perfection. We are told that our non-alcoholic or ‘virgin’ varieties are just as good if not better.

To add some theatre, why not ask us to arrange flare barman to entertain your guests. They are exhibitionists of the highest order and love nothing better than to twirl and twizzle their way through serving the ultimate beverages to thirsty guests.

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